The Bible Inside Out

Published in 2016 by Sovereign World Trust ISBN 9781908010117
The Bible Inside Out
The Message and Meaning of the Bible


This book is written to be read both as a gripping story and also for reference. In his preface, Patrick Whitworth writes, “I often think that people know the bible in the same way as many know a capital city. They may know particular areas or landmarks such as, in London, the Palace of Westminster, St Paul’s Cathedral, Buckingham Palace or the Tower of London – but they have little idea of how they fit together either geographically or historically.
We live in an age, due to the so called post-modern outlook in the West, where there is a real danger of losing the metanarrative of the Biblical story, collapsing it into some well-known landmarks and losing track of the great scheme of salvation prepared and purposed by God.
To tell the story of the Bible is to remind us that we cannot pick and mix our response but give the obedience that comes from faith and is inspired by the Spirit in our discipleship.”

For reference along the way, maps provide geographical bearings as the narrative moves from the ancient world of Mesopotamia, in the days of Abraham, through Palastine of Jesus’ day to the Roman Empire with the missionary travels of the apostle Paul. Chronologies supply bearings in time. The study guide offers an excellent stimulus to think more deeply on the issues raised and how we should apply and respond to the message of the Bible.

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