Patrick’s latest book is now available as a hardback and for Kindle on Amazon.
Titled ‘And did those feet’ it covers the story and character of the English Church from AD200 to 2020.
Full details about this book and also links all the accompanying resources: Appendix; Bibliography; Full Index; Gallery; Glossary of Terms; Who’s Who, can be found here.

Patrick Whitworth has been a church leader in the Anglican Church for the last forty years. He was ordained in 1976 and served two curacies at St Michael le Belfry, York and Holy Trinity Brompton – where he was Director of Training for four years implementing and leading a training course called Lighthouse. He was then Vicar of an Urban Priority Parish in SE London, Christ Church Gipsy Hill where he saw considerable growth and planted a neighbourhood church in the parish. From there he went to All Saints Bath Weston with N. Stoke and Langridge. He has had experience of leading Mission therefore in city centre, suburban, deprived urban areas and rural village communities.

During this time he has maintained an active interest overseas mission and worked with SOMA UK, a short term, cross-cultural Anglican mission Agency. He has led Teams in Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Nigeria and S. Sudan. He has also written many resources for the church including eight full length books focusing on Biblical Studies, Pastoral Theology and Church History . Over the last few years he has produced a Trilogy on early church History from the Apostles to Chalcedon, as well as a title on the narrative and meaning of the Bible called ‘Inside Out’.

Routes that Refresh, based on Jeremiah 6:16 (see below), are courses based on these publications and are offered to the whole church for encouragement and training. Patrick writes, “I am delighted to make available these resources in days of interactive learning and equipping for the church in the UK and abroad. Now that I have stepped down from leading a parish church, I hope to be able to concentrate on this ministry. Please do get in contact via this website if you would like to know more.”

“Stand at the crossroads, and look and ask for the ancient

paths where the good way lies; walk in it and find rest for

your souls.”

Jeremiah 6:16 NRSV