Prepare for Exile

Published in 2008 by SPCK, ISBN 9780281060030
Prepare for Exile
A New Spirituality and Mission for the Church
The Church today must throw off old attitudes, renew its spirituality and refocus its mission if it is to flourish as it enters a new period of exile.

Preparing for and living in exile means learning from those who were ‘exiles’ in their own day – men and women who challenged the Church to reshape itself and to remain fresh and engaging. Exiles from the Bible and from all traditions of the Church are recalled.

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  1. Rev'd. Dr Graham Tomlin
    posted on Feb 02, 2009 at 2:09 PM

    “Patrick explores the theme of exile as a metaphor for the condition of the church in the UK. Used to centuries of prominence at the centre of culture, it increasingly finds itself pushed to the edges banished from the corridors of power and decision making. Patrick suggests that in this rather unsettling exile, the church needs to develop new patterns of mission, spirituality and community to adapt and thrive in the new world.”
    Reverend Dr Graham Tomlin,
    Principal of St Mellitus College London

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