Becoming A Spiritual Leader

Published in 2005 by Terra Nova Publications, ISBN 1901949346
Becoming A Spiritual Leader
Following on from his book – Becoming Fully Human – Patrick Whitworth introduces us to the Apostle Peter and the difficult path he had to follow as the church’s first leader – thrust into leadership by the mission of Christ to ‘feed my lambs’.

As a leader and minister it is unlikely that Peter would have got through a selection conference for any of the established churches – yet he led that church to what it could be today. Peter was called – was chosen – was selected to grow in the faith into which he was commissioned with the other disciples. This book takes us through that long and sometimes painful affirmation, the difficulties and disasters, the challenges and the penance – the end result being an example of how we should all as ministers, whether ordained or baptised, live our Christian lives. Scripturally based and a very interesting read!

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  1. Rev'd. Dr Russ Parker
    posted on Sep 24, 2005 at 11:20 AM

    “This is a book about developing a quality of leadership which Jesus would be pleased with. Here’s a book that challenges us to be as real and open as a broken Peter, and learn to be as truly human as the Lord who also calls us to share in his marvellous care of others.”
    Reverend Dr Russ Parker,
    Author and former director of Acorn healing ministries

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