Book Launch on 10th October 2018 – Suffering and Glory

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The Church from the Apostles to Constantine

All are welcome to St Michael’s Without (by Waitrose) Broad Street, Bath

On 10th October 2018 at 6:15pm Patrick is Launching his latest Book
‘Suffering and Glory’
6:15 Drinks and canapes
6:45 Launch : Browse and Buy

‘Patrick tells the story of the growth of the early Christian community. Eschewing speculation, he provides a clear narrative interspersed with pithy accounts of the most significant Christian teachers in the period which culminated in the advent of the first Christian Emperor, Constantine.
It is a story that is particularly relevant at a time when Christendom is a fading memory and the Christian community is struggling to discover where the Spirit is leading in a global culture.’

Richard Chartres
Former Bishop of London

Suffering and Glory The Church from the Apostles to Constantine 30AD to 335AD
This book completes the trilogy, which has been written by Patrick to cover the major developments of the Church and society in the first five hundred years!
Suffering and Glory (To be published in 2018) The Church from the Apostles to Constantine – 30AD to 335AD
Three Wise Men from the East (2015 – available now) The Cappadocian Fathers and Nicaea – 325AD to 381AD
Contantinople to Chalcedon (2017 – available now) Shaping the World to Come – 381AD to 451AD

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