Gospel for the Outsider

Published in 2013, ISBN 0755410351
Gospel for the Outsider
The Gospel in Luke and Acts


The Gospel of Luke uniquely proclaims that the message of good news was for the outsider in Jewish society, and indeed for any outsider in any society where the sleek, the successful and the slick are often preferred to the loser, the lonely and the lowly.
In this book, Patrick Whitworth explores how this compassion for the outside is clear from several levels, and should direct our mission to those who, in whatever shape or form, are outsiders today in our communities.
At the end is a study guide, providing an excellent opportunity for groups to study the Gospel from the outsider’s perspective, and help us discern the outsiders in our own communities and go to them with the love of Christ and the hope of the Gospel – a gospel for outsiders.

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  1. posted on Dec 08, 2013 at 9:28 AM

    “Mark may challenge you, Matthew reassure you and John inspire you, but it is among the real people of Luke’s gospel that you will find yourself. And that, I suggest, is the task of our times – to find ourselves, to discover who we are and how it is that we can play our part in shaping a new world. This is a readable, compelling invitation to walk into the story and find yourself, whoever you may be within its pages. Indeed the outsider, as Patrick so clearly and beautifully demonstrates, becomes the insider through his or her encounter with Jesus.”
    Reverend Dr Alison Morgan,
    Author and Director of ReSource

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