Click on the link below to listen to the five talks in the Ammerdown 2023 series.

Ammerdown Talks 2023

Patrick has recorded a number of talks on video. Please click on the links below to see various videos in a series.

Patrick talks from Egypt on the Cappadocian Fathers

In November 2020 Patrick was asked to record a series on 12 short Videos on the Cappadocian Fathers for the Anaphora Institute for Coptic Studies in Heliopolis , Egypt . They were recorded on location at the Anaphora Monastery and cover some of the writings, life-stories and teaching of the Cappadocian Fathers.

“The View from Base Camp”

The Rydal Hall houseparty was online this year! They enjoyed talks, worship and small groups in the mornings and some more lighthearted Zoom seminars in the early evening. Patrick’s excellent talks were recorded and can be viewed by click on the link below. They are based on Romans 5:1-11 and entitled “The View from Base Camp”