The Word from the Throne

Published in 2011, ISBN 9780755494293
The Word from the Throne
Themes from St John’s writings for today’s Church


In a fresh survey of common themes from John’s writings, Patrick Whitworth offers seven couplets or paradoxes taken from all of John’s writings, which both underline common authorship but also give a challenge to the Church Today.

How should the church of the twenty-first century in the West respond to the reflection, proclamation and vision presented in these writings? What is it that John says especially to us now in the extraordinary scope of his writing? Patrick gives us answers to these questions which are supremely relevant to the church of today.

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  1. Rev'd. Preb. Charles Marnham
    posted on Oct 15, 2011 at 11:22 AM

    “Patrick brings truths from the gospel of St John with its life-giving conversations, and truths from the Epistles with their defence of the Incarnate Word. Then he leads us through the glorious sweep of Revelation, so often ignored by preachers and writers, but in its contents so vital to our understanding and encouragement.”
    Reverend Preb. Charles Marnham,
    St Michael Chester Square, London SW1

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