Three Wise Men from the East

Published in 2015, ISBN 9780755494293
Three Wise Men from the East
The Cappadocian Fathers and the Struggle for Orthodoxy


The Cappadocian fathers of the fourth century – Basil of Caesarea, Gregory of Nyssa and Gregory Nazaianzen – produced thoughts on the Trinity, the creation, the incarnation, the holistic reading of scripture and the discipline of the soul which are playing a more seminal role in Christian theology today that at any time in the last four hundred years.

Too often, however, their teachings are appropriated in a piecemeal manner, with no acknowledgement of their mutual independence.


  1. posted on Nov 26, 2015 at 9:35 AM

    “Wonderfully comprehensive and clear. We are able to see the Cappadocians not as counters in the board game of controversy but as complex human figures wrestling with the challenges of internal and external crises for the Church. This will be a really welcome tool for all students of early Christianity, and excellent and accessible reading for anyone who wants to understand better the formative period of Christian teaching. It is a message that the Church of our own time should take very seriously.”
    Rowan Williams,
    Master of Magdalen College, Cambridge

  2. posted on Dec 09, 2015 at 2:44 PM

    “In this comprehensive introduction to their writings, Patrick Whitworth enables the modern reader to share their understanding of the purpose and scope of theology.”
    Professor Mark Edwards,
    Christ Church Oxford

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