Gospel of Fulfilment

Published in 2018, ISBN 978-1-78959-044-9 Sacristy Press
Gospel of Fulfilment cover copy

Exploring the Gospel of Matthew


This is the second of a series on the Gospels written by Patrick Whitworth. The aim of this book is to demonstrate how Matthew shows Jesus fulfilling all that was expected of the Messiah in the Old Testament. It is therefore uniquely a Gospel of Fulfilment, and for this reason was placed first in the New Testament by the Early Church. Patrick shows how this theme of fulfilment may be traced through the Gospel from Jesus’ teaching in the Sermon on the Mount , through his Galilean ministry to the final days of his earthy life and passion in Jerusalem. This book can be used for either personal reflection or for group study ( it has questions included). It is brief in length, and accessible in style.

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