Next Book due out soon…

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Patrick’s next book on St. John is due out very soon now. Please revisit regularly.

Defining God

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Patrick’s latest book was published on 15th March 2023.

‘Defining God’

As the Church continues to face controversy over human identity and how it understands the God it worships, this book, vivid in description and comprehensive in coverage, surely teaches us lessons from the past for the present.

Book Launch for ‘Telling Tales of a Rambling Rector

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On Monday 5th December 2022, Patrick launched ‘A witness of Struggle: Telling Tales of a Rambling Rector’ at a book launch in Bath at St. Michael’s Without. You can view details about the book here

Book Launch on 1st July 2021 – ‘And did those feet’

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On Thursday 1st July 2021 there is a book launch from 6pm at St. Michael’s Church, Inkpen, RG17 9DS. Patrick will be launching his latest book, titled ‘And did those feet’ and all are welcome to this event.

  • Drinks and Canapes
  • Launch at 6.30pm
  • Browsing available
  • Signed copies can be purchased at discounted prices for the evening

Contact Patrick by email if you would like to come along.

Patrick talks on the Cappadocian Fathers

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A series of 12 talks.

In November 2020 Patrick was asked to record a series on 12 short Videos on the Cappadocian Fathers for the Anaphora Institute for Coptic Studies in Heliopolis , Egypt . They were recorded on location at the Anaphora Monastery and cover some of the writings, life-stories and teaching of the Cappadocian Fathers.

‘And Did Those Feet’ Patrick’s latest Book published April 2021

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‘And Did Those Feet’ tells the story of the English Church from its earliest times to 2020. Having taken root in the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, it emerged in the medieval world amidst poverty, pandemics and power struggles, and not free from abuses. We see here its struggles during the Reformation, leading to an English Bible and Prayer Book, and the virtual banishment of Roman Catholicism for three hundred years. We see the spawning of new forms of Protestantism, inimical to the Crown, with the emergence of Quakers, Independents and the Methodists among many others.

Patrick Whitworth charts both the contribution and shortcomings of the English Church. An extraordinary story well told, surely this will remain the standard work on the Church in England for many years to come. For more information and to order please go to the books section of this site.

How Jesus meets us – A Series of Talks

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Patrick Whitworth on conversations in John’s Gospel.

This series of seven talks are taken from the Vale of Pewsey Team YouTube page.

How Jesus meets us – Part 1
How Jesus meets us – Part 2
How Jesus meets us – Part 3
How Jesus meets us – Part 4
How Jesus meets us – Part 5
How Jesus meets us – Part 6
How Jesus meets us – Part 7

Becoming fully human

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What it means to become what we were

intended to be. “The work of God is a

man or woman fully alive” (adapted from

Irenaeus). What issues do we face in

personal development and realising our

potential? What struggles do we face?

What resources are there for us in

Christ and in the Church?