Who’s Who ‘P’

Parker Matthew, Archbishop of Canterbury 1504-75. 1527 A fellow of Corpus Christi Cambridge. A moderate Reformer. He was chosen by Elizabeth I as her first Archbishop. He revised the 39 Articles, re-issued a revised Prayer Book. An antiquarian and scholar he assembled a library given to Corpus Christi that sought to establish the idea of Eccleisia Anglicana.

Paulinus St Bishop of York d.644. An Italian sent to England by Pope Gregory. Recorded by Bede as bringing about the conversion of King Edwin’s court in Northumberland in 727, at the Assembly of Goodmanham. James became the first bishop of York and later bishop of Rochester after the defeat of Edwin. Feast Day June 22

Peckham, John, Archbishop of Canterbury c1225-1292 born in Patcham Sussex. Educated Uni. of Parris and Oxford and became a Franciscan. 1257-1259 back in Paris where he later occupied the Franciscan Chair of Theology. In 1272 he returned and taught theology at Oxford. He became the Provincial of the Franciscans in England, succeeded Kilwardby as A/B of Canterbury in 1279. He inaugurated vigorous reform of the church, exposing abuses in connection with the Eucharist. He sought clarity over appointments, delineating ecclesiastical and secular responsibilities. He sought to raise the standards among the clergy, and reformed the management of religious houses. He opposed Thomas Aquinas’s teaching on man, not differentiating the soul from the body. He wrote commentaries on Lamentations and St John and a wrote a French adaptation of Pseudo-Dionysius for Queen Margaret of France – a founder of the Poor Clares in France and a member of the 7th Crusade with her husband King Louis IX of France.   He wrote on the nature of light, was a poet and wrote a lyrical meditation on the seven liturgical hours.

Pilavachi , Mike MBE  b1958  founder of Soul Survivor Youth Movement which held its first summer youth festivals in 1995,  until 2019. Over twenty-five thousand young people attended annually and were encouraged in their faith through teaching, contemporary worship and openness to the Holy Spirit.                

Purcell Henry, English Composer 1659-1695 became a choirboy in the Chapel Royal he studied music from an early age. A baroque musician he became Organist of Westminster Abbey aged twenty. He wrote scores for several plays. He wrote Dido and Aeneas considered the first English opera as well as settings for canticles such as the Te Deum and many anthems. He died aged 36. Gerard Manley Hopkins wrote a poem dedicated to him as one who captured the human spirit.

Pytches David, Bishop and Founder of the New Wine Movement 1931- Educated Bristol University Nottingham Uni. MPhil 1984 Ordained 1956 Curate at St Ebbe’s Oxford and Wallington, SAMS 1959-1977 Bishop of Chile, Bolivia and Peru 1972-77, Vicar of St Andrews Chorleywood 1977-96, Founder of New Wine 1989.  Founder with Mike Pilavachi of Soul Survivor 1993-2019. In 2001 David handed on the leadership to John Coles. Author of Come Holy Spirit. Deeply Influenced by the teaching of John Wimber and of the Word of God being confirmed by signs following (see Romans 15:18,19).  Married to Mary who is a co-founder of New Wine and an author on Christian Counselling.