Who’s Who ‘J’

James I King of England and James VI of Scotland 1566-1625. Succeeded Elizabeth I in 1603. Son of Mary Queen of Scots, executed in 1587. Educated by a Calvinist Tutor and Classicist George Buchanan.  Called the The Hampton Court Conference 1604 where he rejected Puritan demands and kept Episcopal govt. of the church. He commissioned the Authorised or King James Version of the Bible, completed in 1611. He advocated more lenient treatment of RCs until The Gunpowder Plot of 1605. Sought a closer relationship with Spain.

Jewel, John Bishop of Salisbury, 1522-71 Fellow of Corpus Christi Oxford. Initially under Peter Martyr, the Italian Reformer and Regus Professor of Divinity at Oxford, he espoused the Reformers cause but in 1554 was prepared under Mary to sign an anti-Protestant articles. Nevertheless, he went to Strasburg and Zurich. He strongly supported Elizabeth I’s church settlement and wrote an apology for Anglicanism, Apologia Ecclesiae Anglicanae. He opposed both the Roman Catholics and the Puritans. He was an energetic and reforming bishop, and nurtured the young Richard Hooker.  

Julian of Norwich Mystic c1342-c1413 Anchoress or Solitary at St Julian’s Church, Norwich. May 8 1373 received fifteen revelations over five hours. She wrote Revelations of Divine Love: “What did my Lord mean: he meant Love “

“I shall make all things well and you shall see for yourself that all manner of things will be well”. Love is the supreme reality of God’s working and being.